Comic 56 - Chapter 2: Page 23

15th May 2010, 1:48 AM in Chapter 2: Another Girl Another Planet
Chapter 2: Page 23
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Author Notes:

AngryRob 15th May 2010, 1:48 AM edit delete
Here it is, page 23! Just one more page to go (plus a bio) When chapter 2 is finished I'll print it up like I did chapter 1, so buy a copy of chapter 1 now! And if you haven't yet, go an vote on the LKS super awesome contest entries! New Entry on Monday, Last two pages hopefully next week.


Linden 15th May 2010, 3:31 AM edit delete
I wonder how interesting reading the phone book is...
Magravan 15th May 2010, 4:04 AM edit delete
Woohoo! Update!! This is quite the cliff hanger page and it's not even the last page of the chapter!
fingerwitch 15th May 2010, 12:12 PM edit delete
Outburst looks really cute with glasses.
Effigy_Power 15th May 2010, 2:08 PM edit delete
Damn, Big Chuck is a scary guy... But cuddly, so it's ok.
Guest 16th May 2010, 3:53 AM edit delete
About Outburst's glasses. I know she's wearing contacts, but I agree with Fingerbang, Outburst looks cute in them! So whenever she's not Kung-Fu fighting she'll be wearing glasses. And skimpy lingerie!
Arden 17th May 2010, 9:13 AM edit delete
Yep, gotta love a specky four eyes. Nice page - really gives the sense of shifting camera/viewpoint.
Ferix 19th May 2010, 8:16 AM edit delete
That phone book is ultimately engaging I guess, hehe

EDIT: Linden beat me to it XD
moizmad 20th May 2010, 1:07 AM edit delete
Awesome work...real good for free!
JimiRaffety 16th Sep 2010, 7:42 PM edit delete
Operation Ivy... good stuff.