Comic 144 - Chapter 4.5: Page 4

29th Dec 2014, 10:43 AM in Chapter 4.5: Don't Go Where I Can't Follow
Chapter 4.5: Page 4
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Author Notes:

AngryRob 29th Dec 2014, 10:43 AM edit delete
Merry Christmas! I got you new LKS! This is the first meeting of Impulse and Outburst, I cannot explain how giddy seeing this page has made me. Once again Zomb goes above and beyond. I figure if I keep sending him pages he'll just keep drawing all of LKS and I can update on time. Anyway, ECCC Mini Comic Ad space is still available. LKS4 is going to print with some spiffy pin ups by some of my awesome friends, and Dong Mariachi is a project I'm not working on.