Comic 122 - Chapter 4: Page 10

15th Dec 2013, 10:54 AM in Chapter 4: The Ballad of Captain Fabulous
Chapter 4: Page 10
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Author Notes:

AngryRob 15th Dec 2013, 10:54 AM edit delete
HOLY SHIT! I actually got a page done early! It felt great. Anyway, I don't want to sound like Kanye or anything, but this might just be the greatest piece of art ever. A guy in a domino mask, Frankie says Relax shirt, and Crocs beating up sharks. I am a true genius.


Spooky72 15th Dec 2013, 11:59 AM edit delete
I love Impulse's face in the last panel! Although Impulse's face in the very last panel of the last page of this issue (the original) is still one of my favorite shots from the series so I hope it stays the same! I still really love that shark writing the letter, too. For a shark, I mean, ugh.
kelverse 15th Dec 2013, 12:57 PM edit delete
I think this is the best page ever. How often do you see sharks get punched?
stinkypete 18th Dec 2013, 8:05 PM edit delete
Brilliant, it's like the Citizen Kane or Alpacalips Now of comics. When I read it I openly wept.