Comic 10 - Chapter 1: Page 8

9th Sep 2009, 8:20 PM in Chapter 1: Gone Daddy Gone
Chapter 1: Page 8
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Author Notes:

AngryRob 27th Oct 2010, 2:36 PM edit delete
Chuck the bartender came about long before Big Chuck did. Really I wanted a mexican wrestler in the comic, and I needed a retired hero who new Outburst's father to be a mentor figure. And since they spend a lot of time in the Enchanted Flagon I made him the owner, and Chuck's father. Which actually let me expand on Chuck as a character alot more, gave her more personality and someone to play off. Also the name of the bar came from a friend of mine who was writing a fantasy book, and needed a place where the protagonists could hang out. He asked me how the Enchanted Flagon sounded, I proceeded to ridicule him for months, and drew the enchanted flagon into a pre LKS comic as a gay bar.


Francesca 11th Sep 2009, 4:02 PM edit delete
Aw...comic relief guy :). I'm intrigued!
AngryRob 11th Sep 2009, 7:05 PM edit delete
Comic relief guy is actually the OTHER main character in this comic, its mostly going to focus on him becoming less comic relief and more secure in himself
Roxy 30th Sep 2009, 6:38 PM edit delete
but then who will be the new comic relief guy???
Ephemeros 18th Apr 2012, 1:54 PM edit delete
.... would you consider adding a 'save my place' link? =u=;;;
seventy2 21st Oct 2015, 8:23 AM edit delete
i am the comic relief.